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Last modified on Wednesday, October 14th 2009 at 4:54 PM.

Nanoki is a simple wiki engine implemented in Lua, allowing you to create, edit, and link web pages easily.


Run Nanoki

Start Nanoki from the command line:

cd Nanoki
lua Nanoki.lua . localhost 1080

The above command will start Nanoki on your local host at port 1080, using the local directory for storage:


Command synopsis:

Nanoki [location] [address] [port] [not|forwarded] [not|secure]

location tells Nanoki where to store its data.
address indicates which network address to bind the Nanoki server to.
port indicates what port number to use.
forwarded indicates whether x-forwarded-for should be trusted.
secure indicates whether https should be used.


Create a page

To create a new page, type its name in your browser address bar:


If the page doesn't exists yet, Nanoki will redirect you to the page editor:

New Editor

Edit a page

To edit a page, click on its title. This will take you to the page editor:


The editor uses Markdown syntax to describe the page content.

To save your text, press Preview and then Save.

Upload a file

From the editor, you can upload files to Nanoki:


Each page can have its own files. You can refer to those files like so:

[1]: nanoki/file/run.png

File link synopsis:


page is the name of the page under which the file is located.
name is the file name.

Control panel

From the editor, you can access the control panel to rename or delete a page:



From the editor, you can access a page revision history by clicking on its title:


Clicking a revision number will display the page content as it was then.

Revision differences

From the revision page, you can access the revision differences by clicking on its title:

Revision differences

Related pages

Each page keep tracks of which other pages links to it:


Breadcrumb navigation

Each page reflects its location using a breadcrumb trail:


Index navigation

Nanoki provides a table of content, indexed by page title:


Date navigation

The date navigation indexes pages by their publication date:


Recent changes

The recent changes page lists what has changed in Nanoki recently:



The search allows to locate pages by their title:


XML feed

Aside from the editor, most pages provide an XML feed:


Feed view

System page

The system page provides basic information about Nanoki itself: